CHRIST AGONY New Song “Seal Ov The Black Flame” Released



Polish black metal legends CHRIST AGONY are set to release their new album Legacy on November 18th via Witching Hour Productions. The band has now unleashed the first track “Seal Ov The Black Flame” from the album.

Stream “Seal Ov The Black Flame” here:

Polish Legends CHRIST AGONY – formed in 1990 – established since the beginning the leading edge of black metal scene and genre. The band’s debut full-length album Unholyunion was released in 1993, which became one of the most original and significant recordings in the world of black metal. November 18th 2016, marks the return of Cezar & CHRIST AGONY in all their glory! The album, entitled Legacy (via Witching Hour Productions) contains seven hymns summoning the old days, the atmosphere of the band’s first three albums. With Daray (Dimmu Borgir, Vesania, Hunter) behind the drums Legacy delivers crushing and excellent piece of black metal. The album was recorded in Studio 666 in Morag under the watchful eye (and ear) of Michal Grabowski. The cover art was designed by Black Team Media.

Legacy tracklist:
1. Conjuration
2. Sigillum Diaboli
3. Seal Ov The Black Flame
4. Black Blood Ov The Universe
5. Devil Worship
6. Coronation
7. Legacy Ov Sin & Blood

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