Comic Con Box #11 Justice Theme Review

Rockers in an attempt to get my creative juices flowing more I’m adding written reviews of the geeky subscription boxes to what I do because often I have more thoughts about the items than what I share in my Unboxing videos.

 So my first written review of a subscription box with be the latest from Comic Con Box. This month was their eleventh box and the theme is Justice. Comic Con Box offers various items a month and I currently have a monthly subscription which runs about $40 (with shipping & handling). Now let’s get into this month’s items. I’m also going to do an approximation of each items worth to compare to the price and whether Comic Con Box delivered or failed overall.

First up is this shirt. Whether you call it Kitty Kent or Clark Kitten or SuperPussy it’s a bit of a miss. The color is nice (I own way too many black shirts) but the design is too type specific. You have to be a cat person to fully appreciate this shirt. I am a dog person. I like cats but I’m just more a dog person so this shirts lost on me. Approximate value – $15

Funko Pops are the thing (I have a few) and with the theme of Justice it’s not surprising to have a Wonder Woman Pop in this month’s box. However this is a general Pop figure that’s available EVERYWHERE. I actually bought one last October at New York Comic Con to help a friend whose daughter was starting a Pop collection. Would’ve been nice if it was a chase or variant version instead but the general version is just boring and I’m not a huge DC or Wonder Woman fan so this one isn’t for me. Approximate value – $12

I’ve literally never heard of Trexi. This figure doesn’t even seem logical to produce. It’s completely see through with only Wonder Woman’s logo on the chest. The head opens up to put something in it but besides a small gumball or water it’s not holding anything of value. Approximate value – $5

Then there’s this mystery figure from a game I’ve never heard of. Another growing trend in entertainment.

When upon opening reveal this tiny Kryptonian Scientist. And I mean tiny. It’s barely an inch tall. I have zero clue what game it’s supposed to be from and honestly based on size and quality I have no interest in finding out. Approximate value – $5

Comic Con Box always supplies an exclusive variant cover art of a comic book that fits the months them. Justice League of America fits the theme and I dig the design. Viewing the future version of JLA is a nice teaser for those anxiously awaiting the movie. I’ll definitely make time to read it but I’ve honestly always preferred Marvel over DC. Approximate value – $10 with potential increase due to collectibility over time.

This poster goes nicely with the exclusive comic book variant above. A nice way of combining the old school JLA with the new. You gotta love the look on wonder on the old school guys faces. Unique poster, not big so can fit anywhere. Approximate value – $7

Last up is a print. I’m not a big fan of prints when they aren’t exclusives or signed. The plus side I’m a Street Fighter fan and this is a great depiction of three of its characters. Not characters I used regularly but we all have our favorites. Approximate value – $5

At the end the value adds up to $59 for $40 however the items themselves weren’t really spectacular. The best item this month was the comic book. The rest were ok and items I’d pass on if given the chance to buy seperstely.

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