Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Comic Con Box #12 Champions Theme

 Continuing to catch up on my reviews, it’s time for my thoughts on the latest from Comic Con Box (unboxing video) and I’m still amazed I stuck with them for their whole first year. Some months have been sketchy while others were good. Honestly at $29.99 plus shipping added (approximately $32 total) they need more good months then sketchy. So let’s get into Box #12 themed Champions.

As most subscription boxes the shirt is the first item up. I like that it’s a red shirt (half my wardrobe are black T-Shirts as that’s the go to color for every band shirt). The design is also unique too. It’s a very well thought out old school boxing matchup poster design for Batman vs Superman. It’s simple and considering they obviously couldn’t get licensing permission on both characters from DC a great play on words. Approximate value $15

Credit to Comic Con Box for going beyond the standard T-Shirt for apparel this month by tossing in these Batman socks. However these are simple sock designs that you could buy anywhere. A nice addition to my socks but nothing outrageous. Approximate value $5

Also not an exclusive item this month but let’s face it anyone can use a written to-do list memo pad with a magnet on the back. Yes everyone’s got smartphones so you always have a way to note something down but in rare occasions at home your phone might not be nearby. But also an item you can buy anywhere. Approximate value $5

Continuing on this month’s “items you can buy anywhere” theme is a Superman poncho. Great on rainy days if umbrellas aren’t your thing BUT I’ve literally seen this in stores of all kinds. From Toys R’ Us to CVS. Absolutely nothing special with this. Approximate value $10

While this is common Funko Pop from Batman vs Superman it’s still a well designed one. I like the detail on the knitting. They could’ve gone cheap on the sculpture but and went flat with paint but the sewn ridges show. That’s time and precision. This one will stay in my collection. Approximate value $12

This is just a cheap promotional print tossed in to 1) sell a new cartoon most people don’t know and probably won’t watch and 2) a cheap filler item. Approximate value $5

This is one of two comic books we received this month. Neither are exclusive to Comic Con Box and just stand issues of the comic to play off the Batman vs Superman movie. Here’s the other.

As you can see the cover arts do play off each other but nothing really exceptional between the two of them. Combined approximate value $6

This print is the only other exclusive this month (the T-Shirt being the other) combining the two comic books into one design. Honestly it’s not creative and anyone with the above comic books could create the same design by buying a frame. A very boring and uninspiring print. Approximate value $5

While this month’s theme was Champions the truth is they failed big at a box of that name. Too many items that you can get anywhere. Another box like this and I might drop this subscription.

Justen Bieber