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Comic Con Box #13 War Zone Review

So the month of May got everyone talking and promoting Captain America: Civil War in some way, shape, or form. So no surprise when Comic Con Box announced that the theme for their 13th Box was War Zone. But did they get lucky or unlucky with this month’s box? Well check out this month’s unboxing and let’s break it down below. 

I dig this shirts design. It’s a nice play between Captain America: Civil War and The Ramones logo. It’s simple but still stands out because it’s bright and vibrant colors on a black background. Definitely one I’ll keep in my wardrobe. Approximate value $15

Then there was this hate. I’m truly sorry Comic Con Box but this is a FAIL. First, no one is saying “Are you Team Cap or Team Iron?” and I’ve never heard Captain America referred to as “Cap”. It’s obvious you couldn’t or didn’t get approval from Marvel to use the Captain America name and this is a hate that anyone can get made up on their own at almost any mall. Not one you’ll catch me wearing. Approximate value $10

We all mostly enjoy Funko Pops but to get a very common one in a subscription box is a bit disappointing. This Iron Man Funko Pop is simple and from the first run. Only hardcore collectors would have it and casual collectors, like myself, will look for the newer ones that are better sculpted and are the red and gold design. Haven’t decided yet if I’m adding him to my collection or giving him to a young collector in the making. Approximate value $12

This mug is actually pretty cool. I have an ever growing mug collection going from subscription boxes but this metallic design of Spider-Man is cool. Simple but cool. Only downside is it’s not microwave safe due to the metallic paint. Approximate value $5

Got one of these for Superman last month from Comic Con Box and I’m convinced their sponsors of these game pieces because I’ve seen them nowhere else for sale. Upon opening it I got…

Iron Patriot. This is going right where the Superman one went…THE GARBAGE! These are very tiny “game pieces” for a “game” no ones heard of unless you get Comic Con Box. Approximate value $5

You know how I feel about prints that aren’t numbered and signed. And while I do like this print and take on The Punisher it’s still just a filler item. Approximate value $5

This variant cover of Sam Wilson Captain America #7 is a very cool exclusive design for Comic Con Box. But I’m not currently ready this particular comic and to be honest issue #7 isn’t an issue know in any series to be ground breaking so I’m not overly anxious to read it, if I even do. Approximate value $10

So I think it’s safe to safe Box #13 War Zone, while totaling approximately $62 in value, wasn’t so lucky in quality. This has been too many poor quality boxes lately from Comic Con Box and as a result I’m cancelling my subscription. I might return if I see their quality get better but I honestly don’t see this service surviving much longer. 

Justen Bieber