Album Review: COUNT’S 77 Returns To Give You A “Soul Transfusion”

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In 2014 Danny “Count” Koker, best known as one of the top custom car designers in the world and star of Counting Cars on History Channel, decided to add rockstar to his resume by introducing the world to his band Count’s 77. Their self titled debut album brought back the old school American Hard Rock sound that many had thought gone or going as bands of that era began to disappear. Now their back with a much anticipated follow up album that doesn’t skip a beat. 

Soul Transfusion picks up almost literally right where their self titled debut album left off. Opening with the song “Summer Of ’77” to gently remind you of what they are – an American Hard Rock band. No fancy effects. No Auto-tune. Just simple pure hard rock that you can’t help but turn up and tap your foot. 

You get memories of days when music came out of car windows on hot summer days or out of FM radios in the park or at someone’s backyard. A time before instant downloads. A time where you listened to an entire album instead of downloading your favorite single. Something many today, myself included, just don’t do anymore. 

As Count’s 77 brings you back to that simple and fun time of music you’ll find yourself being blown away Stony Curtis. The guitar solos throughout this album are the solos I grew up loving. Yes the speedy solos of guitarists like Kirk Hammett, Dave Mustaine, and so on blow our minds but, if you’re like me, you remember the guitar solos that flowed. That’s what Stony brings to this party. Doesn’t matter if it’s the title track of this album, “Hard Rock Band”, or any song in their catalog it has that flow and groove that you feel. You might even say he makes the guitar sing. 

They also give you a nice reminder that hard rock and metal came from blues. Yes before Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin it was the blues that started it all. “Evil You Could Do” has a nice, slow, bluesy groove to it that’ll make you sway. You could even close your eyes and see yourself in an old club with bad lighting as you groove away. 

Look, Count’s 77 isn’t for you youngsters only interested in the next loudest band. They’re a band keeping alive that hard rock sound that leads to the next loudest band. Soul Transfusion is an album that you should pick up and then pop into your car stereo and cruise around with. And if you don’t drive then pick it up, open your windows, turn it up, and rock. 

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