Crobot and Anthrax Rocked NYC

Summer is here and so is the summer concert season. The months where live shows run rampant and we all get over our winter cabin fever. Which is ironic since I bought my tickets for Crobot, Anthrax, and Volbeat in October as winter began to creep in. But it was a great way to start.

I literally knew nothing about Crobot going into the show so I was ready for anything. And their name doesn’t lend any hints to what type of band they are so I was essentially clueless. But not for long they hit the stage first like they’ve been around for years touring venues. Hitting with a sound that caught my attention from the first chords. I instantly felt a vibe similar to that of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath but just a bit heavier. The heavy yet groovy blues style they have is perfectly mixed.

As they tore through their set doing songs from their album Something Supernatural I found myself staring in amazement at Brandon Yeagley trying to figure out if he’s older than he looks or just lucky enough to have a vocal style that screams old school. Of course it being the latter. The one song that stuck with me “The Necromancer” might be the best sample of their album. Highlighting all their abilities as a band. And while their set was short I doubt their careers will be and expect to hear about them for years to come.

Crobot and Turbo. Photo credit to Dee Negron
Crobot and Turbo. Photo credit to Dee Negron

Up next was Anthrax, as support to Volbeat. Which I still can’t wrap my head around. But the shorten set time didn’t stop them from being the Anthrax we’ve come to know over the years. Squeezing classic songs and newer ones into their set perfectly.

“Soror Irrumator” was a nice surprise live as their newest song. Though it also means they don’t feel comfortable enough with the stuff their still working on from their upcoming album to tease something from it live. Which I thought they might’ve risked as the show was the last date of this tour.

I’ll never get tired of seeing Frank Bello and Joey Belladonna run around during “Madhouse” and “Indians”. And let’s be honest if they ever left those out of a show the venue might turn into a madhouse. Though my only complaint is Jon Donais looked stiff on stage. As if he’s still trying to fit in. While he has been with the band for some time now it’s possible he’s waiting to see how the new album which he’ll be on is received by the fans. Hopefully he’ll loosen up cause he just seemed a bit lost with what to do on stage.

Normally that’d be it but not this case. Volbeat was the headliner. And to keep this short and honest, they do nothing for me. This was my third time seeing them live with other bands I wanted to see and Volbeat still doesn’t make sense to me. Are they good musicians? Yes. Do I respect the fact they let the kids in the crowd come up on stage for one song? Absolutely. But if I wanted to listen to what they do I’d sooner listen to Johnny Cash or Reverend Horton Heat.

If Volbeat is a band you like than more power to you. For me Crobot and Anthrax did a great job rockin the night away and a great start to my concert season for this year.

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