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Custom Sports Apparel Brand PUCK HCKY Announces Three New Heavy Metal Bands to Signing Roster

DOYLE PUCK HCKY hockey jersey
PUCK HCKY (puckhcky.com) – the custom hockey apparel brand making big moves in the heavy metal merch world – continues to build its roster of bands by announcing the signings of Canadian hardcore metal group All Hail The Yeti, legendary Misfits guitarist and solo artist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, and Hed PE, the original G Funk-Metal band from Huntington Beach, currently on the road supporting the album Forever.


PUCK HCKY is currently offering hockey jerseys, flannel shirts and hats featuring all-custom designs and patches for each artist, with a second delivery for each artist due shortly after the new year. See select design images below:
HED PE PUCK HCKY hockey jersey
DOYLE PUCK HCKY hoodie and hat
Regarding these three new additions to the PUCK HCKY team roster, Matt Marini, CEO of PUCK HCKY says, “Consider our minds blown! When you’re trying to merge the hockey world with popular culture as the PUCK HCKY brand does, we look to collaborate with bands and artists that “get” what we are doing as a brand. Doyle, Hed PE & the crazy Yeti guys are all hockey fans and provided us with great reference materials that make these new designs and products super-unique.”


In the case of Hed PE, PUCK HCKY sought out Sly Masmeijer (slyartwork.com) the artist that has done designs for them on many occasions, including the cover art for “Forever”. Marini adds, “We love having each of these artists on the PUCK HCKY team, and we hope everyone likes what we have been able to create so far.”


All Hail The Yeti‘s Alan Stokes adds, “All of us in the Yeti camp couldn’t be more excited to show everyone the collaboration we have been working on with PUCK HCKY. Being huge hockey fans, we just can’t wait to get this stuff out there and spread the word! HAIL!”


Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein comments, “Although you will never catch me in a pair of skates on a lake with ice cracking underneath me, I’m excited to see PUCK HCKY making official Doyle hockey jerseys and more.”


Jahred of Hed PE also adds, Hed PE is totally stoked to be involved with anything hockey related.  My guitar player Gregzilla was a goalie for the Dayton Bombers before he joined our band, so… perfect fit!  Our music is hardcore and so is hockey so again… PERFECT FIT!”


The PUCK HCKY Team Roster currently includes: David Ellefson of Megadeth, Monster Truck, Ice Guardians movie, 36 Crazyfists, First Jason (Friday the 13th), Tomas Tatar (Detroit Red Wings), Marian Hossa (Chicago Black Hawks), Calvin Pickard (Colorado Avalanche), Eric Comrie (Winnipeg Jets), Thom Hazaert, All Hail The Yeti, Hed PE, Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, & Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal.


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