DEAD BY APRIL Release Fiery Video for “Beautiful Nightmare”



Gothenburg’s DEAD BY APRIL have shared the fiery, populated-by-a-hot-chick video for “Beautiful Nightmare.” The video is largely performance-driven, so it gives you a clear picture of the band’s look, along with the mania and the melodics that define DBA‘s music.

There’s also plenty of pyrotechnics and the aforementioned hot chick so enjoy!

DBA mix Swedish melodic metal with moshy metalcore stylings. Make sure to crank this one loud when you watch it. Make that very loud!

“Beautiful Nightmare” lives on the band’s latest album Let the World Know, which is out now via Spinefarm Records.

Expect more news from the DBA camp soon! Until then, watch the “Beautiful Nightmare” video HERE! Please post + share!

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