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DEAD BY WEDNESDAY Drummer Creates Drum Trigger iPhone App ‘EZTrigger’

Christian “Opus” Lawrence, drummer of Connecticut mainstay metal band DEAD BY WEDNESDAY, is pleased to announce the public reveal of his brand new drum trigger iPhone app, EZTrigger.
EZTrigger is a one of a kind, user friendly appthat turns your iOS device (iPhone models 4, 5, 6 or iPad) into a single-channel drum module, allowing you to trigger a high definition bass drum sample from an acoustic kit in real time. No more bulky brains or expensive rack systems needed! EZTrigger is a great way to give your bass drum a boost in the mix without the hassle of micing or a setting up other hardware. Just plug a standard drum trigger into the phone through a guitar interface such as IK Multimedia’s iRig 2 and play through a PA, choosing from over 30 great bass drum samples.
* Made for live performance
* Works with standard piezo drum triggers
* Made especially for the iRig 2 guitar interface (works with original iRig as well)
* High quality 44.1khz bass drum samples for a range of rock and other styles
* Simple setup in seconds
This revolutionary app for drummers is already out and available now for download via the iTunes App store for just $9.99. Watch a demo at www.eztriggerapp.com.
EZTrigger app developer Christian “Opus” Lawrence states, “For someone who has been curious or on the fence about triggering their bass drum, financially this is a much cheaper route to try. Instead of blowing hundreds of dollars on a Roland, D-5 or other bulky systems (plus the cost of the trigger itself) just to trigger one drum, you now have an affordable app + iRig +  trigger (of course), and altogether you’re only hitting around $100. Even if you own something already, this app is a great back up plan to have just in case and it’s way much more cost effective too.”
He adds, “Most drummers in metal, rock, or live hip-hop often only want to trigger their bass drum so that it cuts through the mix live. So to keep it simple and easy to use, EZTrigger focuses mainly on the bass drum. But it can also act as an effects pad, such as an 808 sub drop. EZTrigger can also be used as your own personal bass drum monitor mix as well by wearing ear buds or headphones – acting as an audio “thumper”. Soon it will include a click track feature as well.”
For more information or tutorial videos on how EZTrigger works, please visit:


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