Decibel Magazine’s Streaming ABYSMAL DAWN’s Cover of Dissections’ “Night Blood”

New Album Obsolescence Out Now on Relapse Records


“The riffs are nonstop infectious to the point of being addictive, the grooves are bitchin’ and demand the volume cranked and the car windows lowered…”

-Outburn 9/10


ABYSMAL DAWN released their new album Obsolescence earlier this month via Relapse Records.  Met with critical acclaim and some of the band’s best reviews yet, Obsolescence is a veritable beast of a record and the perfect example of what 21st century death metal should sound like.

Included on Obsolescence as a bonus track, ABYSMAL DAWN covered the classic Dissection song “Night’s Blood”.  Today Decibel Magazine’s “Deciblog” is hosting an exclusive stream of ABYSMAL DAWN‘s take on the track HERE.


During the process of recording the album the band shot performance videos for the song “Perfecting Slavery”. Head HERE to see each individual band member play their part of the song. Then head HERE to see the band perform the song together.  The song also features a guest guitar solo from Christian Muenzner (ex-Obscura, ex-Necrophagist, Spawn of Possession, Alkaloid)


An extensive feature on the artwork for Obsolescence is available for viewing courtesy of No Clean Singing.  Take a deeper look into the process of creating what became the album cover HERE.


Obsolescence is available to order from Relapse Records HERE and digitally via Bandcamp HERE. The album can be purchased on iTunes HERE. The album is available in CD/LP/Digital/Deluxe Digital formats.


Recently the band completed work on a video for the song “Inanimate”.  The video can be watched HERE.


Throughout the recording of Obsolescence, ABYSMAL DAWN shot a series of videos documenting the process. The first video in the series can be viewed HERE and the second episode can be seen HERE and the third video in the series can be viewed HERE.


ABYSMAL DAWN strikes the perfect balance between extreme songwriting and exceptional skill with an infectious blend of technical yet memorable riffs, throat shredding vocals, and crushing rhythms delivered with machine gun precision.

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