Diesel America Live Will Rev Your Engine


1794704_219854988212317_745457083_nOne of the things I love about being a DJ is all the bands I get to hear and meet. Often times we meet by phone way before in person or even seeing them perform live. Such was the case with Diesel America. I first was introduced to them a year ago when their debut album Leave Your Mark was released and interviewed the singer Vic Russo, whom I’ve become friends with even though we didn’t physically meet for the first time until I saw them live just a few weeks ago on June 20th at Blackthorn 51.

Normally I wouldn’t do this write up weeks after seeing a band live (I got sick the day after and fell behind), but I can still hear their live versions of “River Through” as well as their version of The Misfits “Where Eagles Dare” in my head. Normally in music, especially with local bands who deal with varying sound systems in venues, the songs live have a different vibe than they do when you listen to the album. But that wasn’t the case with Diesel America.

They sounded almost exact as the album. And if it wasn’t that Blackthorn 51 is a local venue and that I was right at the edge of the stage I would almost say the album was pumped through underneath. Diesel America is so fine tuned as a band that the few live imperfections that always happen go unnoticed.

If you live here in the NY/NJ area do yourself a favor and catch them live. If not pick up their album Leave Your Mark on iTunes and Amazon (NY/NJ area people should also buy the album).

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