Don’t Be Such a Taser

OK, by now everyone has seen the following news story:

Cops Taser Man

Some people are saying the cops did what they had to do. ARE YOU KIDDING??? You get a call about a nude man in public and as authority figures you decide to pack tasers and then proceed to use them on a the individual while he’s at a height that could, and did, result in a fatality. It’s time to rethink our people in charge of authority.

Last week a bull runs rampant in Queens and authorities do everything they can to capture the beast safely by bringing nets, tranquilizers and go after the bull with its best interest being thought of. Unfortunately the bull died later and everyone feels bad.

Here we are a week later where the bull is replaced by a man, HUMAN BEING, who is off his medication which has caused him to go out in public nude and confused, and what do the cops do?? They treat him like he’s holding a hostage and feel that the “any means necessary” moto applies. Resulting in the guy being tasered which caused him to lose his balance and fall to his death.

It’s time we re-evaluate our authority systems who would sooner tase, shoot, or beat individuals who are no harm to the public while the gang members and idiots with guns and knifes are running around getting away with everything from armed robbery to murder.

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