Don’t Underestimate MetalliGaga at The Grammys

Earlier this month it was announced that Metallica would once again perform at The Grammys this coming Sunday. Metal fans rejoiced that the awards show that knows NOTHING about rock and metal music is at least giving us some of their precious television time. 

Then those same metal fans cried out in fear as the following tweet from a Lady Gaga fan gave the world of music a surprise. 

Yes, Lady Gaga will perform WITH Metallica at The Grammys
This has resulted in everything from pure excitement to full on hatred on social media. Some even questioning how sick Metallica frontman James Hetfield really is considering they cancelled their Copenhagen show this past weekend due to doctors orders that James be on vocal rest. 
With James sick it only makes sense to have someone who CAN SING perform with them. After all Lady Gaga is the first performer in a long time to actually sing during the Super Bowl Halftime Show and not lip sync to a track. 
So be optimistic my fellow rockers and metalheads. After all it can’t be worse than Lulu…right?

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