Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

"DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY" Exclusive Song Stream on Absolute Punk!

Available October 1st on Trev Records!!!

GANG GREEN was the most raucous and explosive hardcore punk band in Boston from 1982-1986. “DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY” is a new compilation release of five old-school Boston punk, rock, and hardcore bands from the 1980’s and 1990’s. This collection will be released OCTOBER 1st on Trev Records!

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This release includes GANG GREEN’S original 1985 version of the classic song “Let’s Drink Some Beer”.  This rare studio recording has never been available on CD before and was co-written by Dicky Barrett from Jimmy Kimmel Live! and THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES fame.  Today the song is being premiered exclusively via Absolute Punk.  Check it out HERE.

Glen Stilphen the man behind “DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY” and Trev Recordscommented on the original version of “Let’s Drink Some Beer”

“The original version of “Let’s Drink Some Beer” was recorded in 1985 around the same time that the band recorded their most successful record, Another Wasted Night. The song was written by Dicky Barrett from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Jimmy Kimmel Live! along with Chris Doherty while they were both in a band called The Cheapskates in Boston. After The Cheapskates broke up in 1984, Chris brought the song over to Gang Green rehearsal. With its beer theme and high tempo, it was a perfect fit for the band. The drummer during this era of Gang Green was Walter Gustafson, one of the best in Boston during the 1980’s. He is largely responsible for the explosiveness of this track. His drum break in the middle flows perfectly and actually has proven to be what actually makes this song work. Later attempts to record this track never came close to the soul of this original recording due to these drumming differences. The best tracks ever recorded by Gang Green were recorded with Walter on drums.”

SMEGMA + THE NUNZ featured members of hardcore legends GANG GREEN, and THE FREEZE with, Alec Steere, former vocalist for LEPER, who are considered to be Boston’s very first hardcore band. Following Leper, SMEGMA + THE NUNZ became one of the most outrageous and most blasphemous bands in Boston in the early 80’s. For the first time, here are five rare demo recordings by this now-infamous Boston punk band.

Chuck Stilphen (guitar) and Walter Gustafson (drums) were members of SMEGMA + THE NUNZ, The FREEZE, and also recorded with Glen Stilphen (bass) in GANG GREEN and MALLET HEAD. Chuck and Glen also appear with the bands SCRATCH and CELEBRITY DEATH CERTIFICATE, which also features Erich Thaler, from the influential Boston-based alt-metal band, STOMPBOX, who released the landmark album Stress on Columbia Records in 1994.

“DROP THE NEEDLE: BOSTON PUNK ANTHOLOGY” is dedicated to vocalist, Alec Steere aka “Smegma”, who was tragically hit by a train in 1999.

This killer collection of Boston Punk Rock can be pre-ordered on Amazon, iTunes and from BostonPunkRock.com


1. Smegma and the Nunz – “Bourgeois Lad”

2. Smegma and the Nunz – “Joke’s On You”

3. Gang Green (1985) – “The Original Let’s Drink Some Beer”

4. Celebrity Death Certificate – “First Nickel”

5. Celebrity Death Certificate – “Dead Reckoning”

6. Scratch – “Waysde”

7. Scratch – “Centralia”

8. Mallet Head – “Give and Take”

9. Mallet Head – “Mother Sunshine” (Live)

10. Scratch – “El Monstro”

11. Smegma and the Nunz – “Insanity”

12. Smegma and the Nunz – “Napalm Sticks to Kids”

13. Smegma and the Nunz – “Nuns of Guatemala”

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