FIGHT THE FIGHT Launches Pre-Order For Self-Titled Debut Album

Last January, Norway’s Fight The Fight released their self-titled debut digitally in the USA – now, the band is giving the record a proper physical release in the States via Blacklight Media. Due out February 9th, Fight the Fight can be pre-ordered now HERE – where a new video (directed by Kyrre Larsen) for the album track “The Other Side” can be viewed.

Fight the Fight comments: “We are super stoked to show you guys the video for ‘The Other Side’. This is a song about choosing sides, having a look inside your own truth and what makes you – you. Fuck the expectations of others or the society. Fight for it, be yourself.

Fight the Fight track-listing:
1. Fight the Fight
2. The Edge
3. The Other Side
4. Perfect Combination
5. Addictions
6. This Is War
7. My Emperor
8. Patient Zero

Barely breaking into their twenties, Fight the Fight has already been a band – though under a different name (Faenskap) – for more than a decade. It’s the classic story of childhood friends and schoolmates whose dreams and ambitions run high, and ultimately form a band together. Pushing the whole project to the limit of their capabilities, they succeeded in reaching their goal: creating a record that reflects their vision of what’s to come. Not your average album, this mature, well-composed rock/metal grenade immediately explodes with memorable hooks, catchphrases and choruses, and the rock, punk, metal and black metal elements are woven into a unique and progressive sound. With this debut, it is clear that Fight the Fight is destined for great things.

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