Forecast Calls For Shattered Sun

It was about a year ago that I first heard about Shattered Sun. I received a demo and was asked if I’d be interested in interviewing their singer Marcos Leal, which I did. The demo I heard peaked my interest as a dose of pure metal and my conversation with Marcos showed that he and his band mates were in for the right reason. The music. But after that I heard nothing about the band or album.

Then arlier this year they released their debut album Hope Within Hatred and it sounded as I knew it would, heavy. It’s hit hard with the metal community wanting their pure metal sound from a young band. So it was no surprise to see them out with Testament and Exodus earlier this year and then part of this summers Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival on the Victory Records stage. While it may have been called a side stage, Shattered Sun brought their full game.

I was excited to hear them open their set with “Awaken,” my favorite track off their debut album. A pure dose of speed, aggressive vocals, and a melodic chorus that screams for audience participation. And more importantly sounding like the album without any special effects. They played it as you know it on the album. Only maybe with more intensity as they fed off the crowd in front of them.

They tore through their unfortunately brief set like veterans. Guitarist Daniel Trejo blazing on his guitar through their album title track like a man on a mission. As did the rest of the band. And I gotta give kudos to Robert Garza for getting through their whole set without missing a single beat. As hot as it was this past week I’m amazed he didn’t lose his sticks at least once.

Everyone’s been wondering where the future of metal is? Well I can tell you that Shattered Sun is going to be a big part of that future. Do yourself a favor and pick up their album Hope Within Hatred and go see them when they tour this fall with Soulfly and Soilwork.

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