Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Forever Rocking The Masses

It was four years ago that my mother woke me to say that the legendary Dimebag Darrell was killed by some psycho. That was followed by phone calls and e-mails as many of us in the rock and metal community racked our brains trying to figure out why this travesty happened and trying to accept the fact that the only time we’d hear Dimebag again is through the albums, videos, and memories we have of him.

For those of you honored enough to meet him and spend time with him, I envy you. The stories of how great a person he was continue to amaze me. To those who aren’t familiar with him I encourage you to find every song and album he’s ever played on and listen to the stories about him.

You may physically be gone, but you will rock lives for years to come.

Justen Bieber