Freak Show Metal Collective THE NEW JACOBIN CLUB Announce 15th Anniversary Celebration

Freak show metal collective The New Jacobin Club has announced they will be celebrating their 15th Anniversary show on May 14th in their hometown of Saskatoon, SK at The Fez (834B Broadway Ave.). Born out of the Canadian prairies, their shocking theatrics and one of kind metal Broadway spectacle full of disturbing eye-popping visuals, which includes stunts with broken glass, machetes, syringes, staple guns, sledgehammers, torches, and the ever-popular flaming hula hoop has garnered the group a cult following of behemoth proportions.

    In addition to their freak show musical, NJC will be premiering re-written and re-orchestrated material from the mid 1990’s that will find its way on a limited edition 15th anniversary NJC compilation released later this year.
NJC master The Horde commented on their big 15th.
“We’ll be performing again for the first time since last fall as a full seven piece group. We’ll still be playing a good chunk of our new album “This Treason,” but we’ve made sure to include songs spanning the 15 years this band’s been on stage. We’ve re-orchestrated and updated a few songs from the 90’s, to incorporate the full force of our 2011 line-up into them and forge some links to the band’s past. We’ll be going into the studio shortly after to record some of these for a 15th anniversary release later this year.

We’re also excited to announce that Miss Firecrotch Jones, our resident fire handler (of the Angry Teeth freak show), is hoping to return to the stage with us on May 14th. She spent the better part of the winter in hospital with a serious illness, and for a time in isolation and critical condition. She’s been released and has regained a ton of strength and optimism. She’s already helped plan parts of the 2011 stage show, which will throw a few new surprises out at our audiences. We’re just happy she’s recovering so fiercely!”

     Since their conception in 1996, NJC has released an EP and four albums their most recent being “THIS TREASON“, a concept CD/DVD based on the tragic medieval life and death of England’s notorious warlord Sir Hugh Despenser.

   NJC has shared the stage with a diverse roster of touring acts such as NASHVILLE PUSSY, GROOVIE GHOULIES, KMFDM, VOLTAIRE and appeared live on stage with Discovery Channel’s freak show reality program GUINEA PIG. 

Show Dates:
April 22, 2011 – Walker’s Nightclub – Saskatoon, SK – Voltaire, The New Jacobin Club (acoustic set), The Chase Walker Band
May 14, 2011 – The Fez – Saskatoon, SK – The New Jacobin Club w/ Black Earth (NJC 15th Anniversary Show) – FB Event –

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