GENERATION OF VIPERS Streaming New Song on Noisey


New Album Coffin Wisdom Available October 27th on Translation Loss


Hailing from the Appalachian mountains of East Tennessee, GENERATION OF VIPERS are a band that has always operated outside the normal trappings of “extreme” or “heavy” music. Following the release of 2011’s “Howl and Filth”, which gained the band a sizable cult following, they are now preparing to further this sentiment with their fourth opus of their own blend of abstract punk/metal titled Coffin Wisdom.


Today the first offering from Coffin Wisdom is available to hear.  The track entitled “Damaged Awake” is streaming exclusively at Noisey.  Get a first listen to the song HERE.


Coffin Wisdom is now available for pre-order HERE.


Engineered by Travis Kammeyer (A Storm of Light, U.S. Christmas, Ocoai, etc.) and mixed by Andrew Schneider (Unsane, Cave In, Made Out of Babies, Blue Man Group, etc.) at Translator Audio in Brooklyn, NY, Coffin Wisdom displays the bands most focused and realized album to date.  Consisting of 7 tracks of noisy and visceral music that at times borders on the Amphetamine Reptile days of yore, yet simultaneously harnesses a maturity and spiritual awareness to it that is difficult to quantify with mere words. Imagine if Amebix and Quicksand wrote songs about numerology and Witchcraft or if Godflesh and Helmet wrote songs touching on sleep paralysis and psychotic paranoia and you would have at least one foot on the right path. This is smart, honest, violent and powerful music that will hit you with the force of a twenty-car pile up.


Coffin Wisdom is an honest and unique collection of songs that further the bands own legacy of creating boundary-pushing music that comes from a truly genuine and vulnerable place. Fans of bands such as Unsane, Thou, Yob and other forward thinking artists of that ilk will be pleasantly surprised. Josh Holt and Billy Graves are also both active members of Neurot recording artists U.S. Christmas, A Storm of Light and Mustard Gas and Roses.


Coffin Wisdom Track Listing:

1. Damaged Awake

2. Coffin Wisdom

3. Dark Matter

4. You Deserve This

5. Haunted

6. Stolen Voices

7. Crawling on the Ceiling

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