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German Art Rockers RPWL New Album Wanted Streaming in Full on Yahoo Music


“If you are a Pink Floyd you will find it very easy to listen to RPWL’s “Wanted”

-Goldmine Magazine 4/5-


“The perfect combination of not chasing away the Prog fans while still having the ability to earn new ears with its rock influences”

-Outburn Magazine  8/10-

German Art Rockers RPWL will release their new studio album Wanted one week from today April 1st via Gentle Art of Music/E1.  Wanted is available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

Beginning today, Yahoo Music! is hosting an exclusive full album stream of Wanted.  Check out the entire album HERE.

A video for the single version of “Swords and Guns” can be viewed HERE

The band that knew too much…

Germany’s outstanding art rock act was recently confronted with a rather difficult question: how do you follow up a both epic as well as celebrated album as was the Nietzsche-themed Beyond Man and Time? Here’s the answer: you tackle the really, really huge topic on your new record Wanted – the ultimate liberation of the spirit.

But… How does an idea like that spring to the minds of an art rock band in the first place?

RPWL tell of the hero of two worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi who, being a tremendous admirer of the Greek antiquity became aware of a scroll of Plato’s in which he analyzes the work of Hippocrates. It can be read in Garibaldi’s diaries that Hippocrates had in fact found the formula for a medicine that leads the spirit into a real and absolute world, free of all illusion and invisible ghost worlds. The question, however, that inevitable arises at that point is the following: is the human race ready for what Plato called the “gift of absolute freedom?”

By making a philosophy that is new and to a degree unique the subject of the concept of Wanted, RPWL bring the principle of the concept album to a new level. That is how this gigantic piece of art evolves into a true explosion of creativity. Furthermore the intellectual firepower of the content is in every way matched by the artistic and emotional depth of the music. More than ever a sharp artistic edge and the hunger for discovery is what drives this record forward. Despite more than fifteen years in the scene, Yogi Lang (vocals, keyboard), Kalle Wallner (guitar), Marc Turiaux (drums), Markus Jehle (keyboard, piano) and Werner Taus (bass) brilliantly avoid playing it safe.

The masterpiece that is Wanted will also be released as double vinyl as well as a limited edition in additional 5.1-surround-sound. Yes, Wanted is a gamble – and boy does that gamble pay off.

Wanted Track Listing

01. Revelation

02. Swords And Guns

03. A Short Cut Line

04. Wanted

05. Hide And Seek

06. Disbelief

07. Misguided Thought

08. Perfect Day

09. The Attack

10. A New Dawn


Tour Dates:

04 Apr NL-Zoetermeer

05 Apr D-Oberhausen

06 Apr B-Verviers

07 Apr D-Bremen

09 Apr D-Hamburg

10 Apr D-Berlin

11 Apr D-Soest

12 Apr D-Hannover-Isernhagen

13 Apr NL-Leeuwarden

15 Apr D-Stuttgart

16 Apr AUT-Landeck

17 Apr CH-Pratteln

18 Apr F-Nancy

19 Apr D-Aschaffenburg

20 Apr D-Reichenbach

21 Apr D-Freising

23 Apr AUT-Vienna

24 Apr PL-Piekary Slaskie

25 Apr PL-Warschau

26 Apr PL-Poznan

27 Apr PL-Bydgoscz

to be continued…

Justen Bieber