Go Away West, PLEASE!!!

Many of you know that I usually ignore pop culture unless it is directly related to rock and/or metal, but the big news today of Kanye West’s actions at the 2009 MTV VMA’s has pushed my buttons.

Now I gave up on MTV years ago when they stopped playing music and stop referring to the rock and metal community, which ironically enough was when the “M” in MTV changed to meaning money instead of music. So I have not watched them in ages and almost forgot about the 2009 VMA’s, keyword being almost. As I logged into Twitter after the TrueBlood season finale to see what others though of it, I was instead bombarded by tweets calling Kanye West every name in the book. In my natural curiosity and desire to see no talent hacks fail I turned on the VMA’s to see what the big deal was but I had missed it. Although I did catch Green Day’s performance with I am declaring to only good part of the VMA’s.

I then turned on the news and found out that Kanye West had pretty much destroyed Taylor Swift’s moment by storming on stage to say that Beyonce was more deserving of the award than Taylor. I then proceeded to worry about both our youth who think Kanye West actually has talent and buy his albums and to worry about the music industry as they continue to back individuals like him while other true talent is going ignore and unsupported.

What we need to do as a society is ignore his actions because the more we discuss it the bigger his ego will get and the more likely it’ll be that he’ll do something like this again. Kanye West is an ego-maniacal bigot who should be banned for life from music industry events.

I want to commend Taylor Swift for being calm and chilled out as her spotlight was so rudely interupted. She showed maturity beyond her years by being a bigger person and for that she deserves all the support in the world from her fans.

And lastly, I know its unlikely that Kanye will ever read this, I ask that you please put yourself back in the closet Kanye and lock it shut behind you.

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