Goodbye 2010

So everyone’s done their “wrap” of 2010 so I might as well share my own.

Truth be told my 2010 started much like my 2009 had gone, nothing to brag about. But things changed as quickly as a thunderstorm appears on a hot summers day. One of my closest friends since college got engaged and kept his word and asked me to be his best man. I’m still amazed and honored by that at this time and the wedding was two months ago.

I also saw my brother’s heart broken by someone who swore they’d never do such a thing. But my brother is a stronger spirit and soul than the person who broke his heart and has closed that chapter and is possibly on a new chapter with someone new.

My brother and I have done something I never dreamed we would attempt and that’s own and operate our own radio station (Bullspike Radio) and are continuing our effort to fight Muscular Dystrophy with our fundraising group Rock Against Dystrophy.

I began to realize my time on this earth as I attended a funeral of a high school friend. Accel, you are not forgotten and will never be. And that was the followed by reuniting with a group of high school friends that I occasionally wondered about.

I’ve also added friends to my already huge list of friends and had those who I’ve considered friends become family (unofficially) that I always knew they were.

For once in more years than I wish to remember I am financially comfortable and can thank my cousin Jon for making that possible. To be working is something that I had tried too many years to attain but with no luck. I can now look forward to things instead of having to wait for things to be planned out perfectly.

Health wise it was a great year, minus my brief hospital stay after telethon for exhaustion and dehydration. I burned myself out with so many things by Labor Day that my body just couldn’t handle and said “enough”. Sometimes we all need that to realize to pace ourselves.

I finally got the tattoo I’ve wanted to get since I was eighteen and having my grandfather’s nickname for me on my arm has brought a sense of calm and sense that anything is possible for my future just as long as I try and continue to be true to myself.  Plus the addition of our pups Theo and Harley have added that extra bit of love, nothing like a dog saying hello in the morning to start your day.

If 2011 can continue on the current flow of things for the most part than I’ll be content.

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