HAMMERCULT To Release Legends Never Die EP June 17th on SPV/Steamhammer



Nearly one year has passed since Israeli thrash metal act Hammercult ,who moved to Berlin last year, released their third album Built For War. One year during where not only the whole world but also the international metal scene have changed. Hammercult have stayed abreast of those changes: more than ever before, the band impressed with their broad stylistic range, increasingly allowing – along with their unmistakable strengths – influences from the punk, hardcore and traditional heavy metal genres. The result was a true, intoxicating thrash metal manifesto with an inescapable knock-on effect.


Now they show their influences with unique cover versions of songs by Accept, Motörhead, Running Wild, Slayer and GG Allin. To give the fans as much as possible for their money they also put three of their signature songs on the digipak and LP version. The provoking artwork was created by Andreas Marshall, famous for his works for Kreator, Sodom and Blind Guardian.


Hammercult’s latest release “Legends Never Die” will be out on Steamhammer/SPV on 17 June 2016 as a digipak version, limited LP version and download.


Track Listing Digi CD-EP
1. Fast As A Shark 3:40
2. Ace Of Spades 2:29
3. Soldiers Of Hell 3:00
4. No Rules 1:31
5. Evil Has No Boundaries 2:55
6. Rise Of The Hammer 04:07
7. Steelcrusher 3:07
8. Let The Angels Burn 3:01
Track Listing LP
Side 1
1. Fast As A Shark 3:40
2. Ace Of Spades 2:29
3. Soldiers Of Hell 3:00
4. No Rules 1:31
Side 2
1. Evil Has No Boundaries 2:55
2. Rise Of The Hammer 4:07
3. Steelcrusher 3:07
4. Let The Angels Burn 3:01
22.06.B-Aarschot – De Klinker (with Municipal Waste)
23.06.D-Kassel – K19 (with Municipal Waste)
25.06.D-Berlin – Bi Nuu (with Municipal Waste)
26.06.D-Munich – Backstage (with Municipal Waste)
28.06.I-Rome – Traffic Club (with Municipal Waste)
29.06.I-Milano – Cicolo Magnolia (with Municipal Waste)
02.07.D-Roitzschjora – With Full Force Festival
03.07.D-Hamburg – Bambi Galore (with Municipal Waste)
05.07.D-Cologne – MTC (with Municipal Waste)
03.10.D-Krefeld – Magnapop

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