Heather Williams Is A Jill of All Trades

Very few people manage to do all the things they wish to do in this life. Many of us leave aspirations behind us as childhood dreams, stop due to physical differences in ourselves, or just need to let things go so that we can find a spot to survive in this crazy world. But there are a rare few who somehow manage to do it all and Heather Williams is one of those people. I recently spent some time with her to get some insight into this Jill of all trades.

-What inspired you to become a musician?
Heather: I started on piano when I was 10 and took lessons for a little while then moved to snare drum in the middle school band then high school sports took over.

I always wanted to play guitar and so a couple of years ago went to the local music store and told the manager that I love AC/DC and Van Halen and wanted a guitar with a whammy bar.

-Who are your biggest influences in music and why?
Heather: My biggest would be Van Halen and Lita Ford. My older brother played 80’s metal all the time so I got a heavy dose as a kid.

-Being that your music career in still young, what are you aiming for as a musician?
Heather: Yes, I’m definitely green so that means I have to work five times as hard to catch up to todays competition. I’m aiming to be a step above the competition. For me there’s no point in setting high goals if they will place me within the norm.

-Anyone who visits your website ( will see a ton things to check out, what are some of the things you do when your not rockin’ out?
Heather: Besides sports and being a real estate agent I love during my down times getting on my myspace page , my facebook page and my twitter

-I was looking through your bio and noticed that athletics was a big part of your teen years, what made you decide to go for a career as a musician instead of an athlete?
Heather: Actually I like to do both at the same time.

-What should people expect from you in the upcoming year?
Heather: This year I’m racing motocross,
which I just picked up a sponsorship with Pirelli tires, and just landed a roll in the new reality show XTREME TEAM where I’m the only female with a group of Elite Protection Specialists. Plus I’ve been running some 5k road races and skateboarding with my nephew.

She’s a rocker, an athlete, and soon to be a reality star. I think it is safe to say that it won’t be too much longer before Heather Williams bursts into our homes with everything that she throws herself into.

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