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01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard Overtakes Justin Bieber’s Justmoji App in iOS App Store


Is it payback for his annoying habit of wearing metal band tees or are metalheads just realllly into emojis? Either way, Keyluminati’s Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard has overtaken Justin Bieber’s Justmoji’s in the iOS App Store!

The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard is currently lodged at #7 on the Top Paid Entertainment Apps chart, with the Biebs’ app trailing behind at #13.

Beating the reigning king of pop in the emoji game is so metal!

The latest in third-party apps for adding visual flair to text messages. HMEK is the ONLY emoji keyboard designed exclusively for heavy metal music fans.

Extreme music fans may now express themselves in utmost brutality using over 175 brand new and unique images. Created by Mark Mosley, a long-time concert promoter on the Nashville heavy metal music scene, in collaboration with Ryan Clark of Seattle design/illustration studio, Invisible Creature, The Heavy Metal Emoji Keyboard offers page after page of bloody, boozy and downright sinister emoji fun!

Not only is HMEK a breath of whiskey-scented air for metalheads everywhere, it contains the latest features in emoji customization. To scale an emoji, long-press on that emoji which was foretold in ancient prophecy and a slider pops up, giving the user full control over the emoji’s size when pasted into the convo. Say it at a normal volume – or turn it all the way up to 11!

HMEK even has an option to easily change the background of an emoji from transparent to white for texting with lesser beings using Android devices! Send the message loud and clear across multiple platforms!

Fans of HMEK will be stoked to learn there are plenty more heavy metal emojis headed for the keyboard, including expansion packs personally overseen by some of the greatest metal bands on the scene today!

Get the HMEK in the iOS App Store here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/heavymetal- emoji-keyboard/id1089003380

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