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Hell Bent for Laughter Will Leave You Screaming In Stitches

DonJamieson-HellBentForLaughterOver the last few years Don Jamieson has gained more notoriety around the world as one of the hosts of VH1 Classic‘s That Metal Show. Especially when he’s busting Eddie Trunk‘s balls during Stump the Trunk. And now he has given us his second comedy album Hell Bent for Laughter, and in less time than it took Guns N Roses to release Chinese Democracy.

If you’ve never seen Don Jamieson live or heard his first album Live And Hilarious, no worries. Hell Bent for Laughter is a perfect example of his comedy. He’s comedy for everyone. You don’t need to be a specific financial status, religion, ethnicity, or even a metal fan to appreciate what he does. Yes he does mix metal music into his routine but even non-metal fans will be laughing their asses off. Why? Because he connects with his audience.

I often don’t enjoy comedy albums because some comedians require certain physical movements to get the laughs. Don Jamieson has perfect verbal delivery that you’ll find yourself starting to laugh before the punch line even hits. One of his routines is about how Richard Christy of Charred Walls of the Damned wears adult diapers to metal shows. The whole routine you’ll find yourself laughing because you can actually visualize what he’s saying and because he takes it to the same place you would take it. It’s that similarity to his audience that just makes you connect and laugh even harder.

Plus any comedian willing to take jabs at himself is a comedian with balls of steel. Many people, including myself, have busted Don‘s balls about his sideburns. And he does a whole routine on his sideburns because he knows it’s funny. And if you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at? And I’ll tell you that he goes to a whole new place with sideburns that even I wasn’t expecting him to go.

If you’re a rock and metal fan Hell Bent for Laughter belongs in your collection cause he hits things about bands you and your friends have joked about it private or wrought about but couldn’t bring yourself to say. If you’re not a rock and metal fan you still should buy this album because it’s real raw comedy that doesn’t rely on politics, ethnicity, or religion to get a laugh.

Just one note; don’t listen to it while eating, driving, drinking, of walking as it might be a danger. I listened to it while eating dinner cause I was anxious to hear it and almost choked several times. That’s true comedy in my books.

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