How Apple Should Freshen Up

The holidays are just around the corner, or here and gone depending on when your reading this, and everyone is going tech crazy. When talking tech there’s one name topping everyone’s list; Apple. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch doesn’t matter. Customers want it or other companies are trying to duplicate it. But is it worth spending on last years crop or wait and hope Apple freshens up these red hot items.

The first item that is one everyone’s list is Apple’s iPad, quite possibly the most sought after tablet on the market but was stale upon it’s release. For Apple to release a tablet without a camera of any kind made the iPad an automatic no buy on my list and keeps it there. Not to mention that the pricing on it being absurd. So how does Apple correct this stale upon release item?

For starters add the same duel camera system that the current iPhone has. This will double the camera function of other companies tablet’s already out now. Secondly the size is still a bit clunky compared to other tablets. By shrinking it a bit it’ll be that much easier to carry around while still being large than the iPhone.

And while we are mentioning the iPhone it would be amiss of me to forget how it’s latest version is nothing but a glitz and glamour version of it’s previous version. The iPhone 4 wasn’t completely stale upon release but it was close when compared to the iPhone 3GS. Updating graphics, redesigning the case and adding a new feature that can’t be used all the time is far from groundbreaking. But how should Apple improve upon this so that the iPhone 5 (due in June 2011) is a fresh piece of equipment?

The first thing is update the memory capacity. The latest version of the iTouch (basically iPhone minus phone feature) has a 64GB memory version and even larger. It’s time the iPhone’s memory went higher than 32GB. Two years ago when it was just apps and music that was good, but now with books and movies being added it’s time to jump up drastically in it’s memory. Secondly, FaceTime needs to be useable without WiFi. What good is having a feature that only good half the time, that’s like having a stereo with only half your speakers working. The last thing that needs a minor tweak is the OS. While we are all happy about being able to multitask on the iPhone we should not have every app automatically tossed into the running in background multitask mode. It’s annoying that if you go into an app once every few days that you got to remove it from the multitask bar so it doesn’t drain your battery. Can’t be that hard to do, just make it a drag and drop option like the folders.

So if you didn’t already run out to buy an iPad to be one of the cool kids, don’t buy it cause it’s stale and the fresh crop (2nd generation) will be here soon. As for the iPhone 4, if you have a working iPhone 3GS just wait until June for the iPhone 5. If your iPhone is an older version the decision is yours. But don’t wait too long as June isn’t as far as you think and you don’t want to buy something stale when the fresh crop isn’t too far off.

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