I Am Afraid Of The Ghostbusters Reboot

We all remember the first time we saw Ghostbusters. The story was well written and believable even in the 80s not to mention killer special effects. Add into it enough adult humor for us kids to find once we got older and a cast the clicked perfectly and it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most beloved movies in history. Even the sequel, with a less believable story but still strong, stands on its own. So when the discussion of a reboot instead of a long anticipated third movie was brought up I was worried. With the release of the trailer for the reboot I’m not worried, I’m afraid. 

Before discussing a very questionable cast the first thing that needs is addressing is there’s nothing besides the name of the movie that connects the original to this reboot. For this trailer to say reference the original Ghostbusters when that’s the only connection is absurd. The story is starting over. Hence the term reboot. It’s not the children of the original Ghostbusters carrying on the legacy (which would’ve made better sense for a movie) but a total restart. Especially when the first scene is a redo of the ghost librarian scene that had the original Ghostbusters running in both fear and amazement of seeing a ghost while this trailer shows our current Ghostbusters standing stupefied as if they were teenagers told they can’t have a smartphone. 
As to the cast. I have NO problem with an all female cast. Why it couldn’t have been a split of 2 men and 2 women in a day when everyone is screaming for equality is beyond me. But an all female cast is fine, I just wish they had talent beyond  

 Melissa McCarthy. She’s the only one that has any legit talent. She’s had a stream of successful comedies not to mention her serious role as a single working mom opposite Bill Murray (original Ghostbusters) in St Vincent. A highly overlooked movie that shows McCarthy’s range as an actress. 
The rest of the new Ghostbusters are essentially a “who the hell are they?” list. Yes I know Kristen Wiig has been in movies and Saturday Night Live but she’s far from talented or funny. Her “serious comedy” falls flat over and over again and you see it in this trailer. Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones are bigger no names that from this trailer seem like afterthoughts that fit the budget as cheap talent that they hope will fit. 
Why they didn’t try cashing in on at least two more REAL actresses is beyond be. America Ferrera, Aisha Tyler, and even Demi Lovato (whom I don’t really care for in music or acting) would’ve been much better additions to the cast. But maybe they were just too much money on a potential all flash and no finish movie. 
What worries me even more, besides the flat jokes in this trailer, is the over the top special effects. The original movie the effects were amazing but believable. The ones in this trailer tell me they went full budget on effects figuring pretty lights and colors will distract everyone from a bad story line, bad jokes, and bad casting. 
Had Billy Murray got his head out his ass before Harold Ramis died we might’ve gotten a Ghostbusters movie where the original guys could pass the torch to a new generation like their children or interns. Instead we are getting a reboot that I’m willing to bet Melissa McCarthy will regret making like Murray regrets making Garfield (see Zombieland to get that reference). 

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