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01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Show Review: IN THIS MOMENT, ROB ZOMBIE, & KORN Closed Summer With A Bang

Can you believe the summer concert season is over already?

It feels like just yesterday I was trying to figure out which summer shows I could not only afford to attend but which ones were a MUST attend. So of course when it was announced that In This Moment, Rob Zombie, and Korn were going out together I had to see it. Well I can tell you that last Tuesday at PNC Bank Arts Center I definitely got my money’s worth. 

I cannot believe how far In This Moment has come and grown since I saw them as an unknown opener for Rob Zombie and Ozzy Osbourne in 2008. They brought their full show to this tour and held nothing back. They are still a young band but aren’t afraid to make performing as much a part of the show as other bands that ve been around as long or are younger. 

The costume and prop changes as they played a greatest hits set from their last two albums, Blood and Black Widow, were well timed and fit perfectly. While I greatly enjoyed hearing “Sick Like Me”, “Whore”, and the others of recent live I really yearned for at least one classic In This Moment song from the early days. Tossing in “Beautiful Tragedy” from their debut album or “Endless Days And Nights Forever” from The Dream would’ve really been a nice treat for us long time fans. But even without the classic tracks it was a performance to be remembered as they continue up the ladder of music. 

After that the stage began being set for the master of mayhem himself Rob Zombie. Now truthfully I expected him to be the final performer and not the mid show excitement but regardless of the spot in the line up he always kills. 

Rob Zombie and crew helped the crowd “Get High” (yes that song was played too) to music. They rolled through a nice mixture of classic tracks everyone knows as well as ones from his latest album which is a mouthful to say and ridiculous to type. But what I notice was something rare. The crowd singing along to the new tracks and not just the classics. 

Sure everyone knows “Dragula” and “Living Dead Girl” to the point that you can sing it in a coma. But hearing “Dead City Radio” and “Gore Whore” sung by the crowd was shocking as many shows I go to result in audience silence from newer songs. This is pure proof that Rob Zombie is definitively carrying the banner for rock and metal and his fan base proving their loyalty. 

Plus in typical Rob Zombie form we got a teaser for his new movie 31 which you can see right here. 

After that it was time for Korn to hit the stage. As I watched the crews change over stage design I wondered if they would be as good as I had seen when they returned with a vengeance after The Paradigm Shift and returning to the sound many of us were first captured by. 

Well Korn set my mind at ease right out of the gate. A stage setup that looked minimal at first but once the rows of lights were turned on combined with their music was a sensory extravaganza. Opening up with “Right Now” and “Here To Stay” to tell everyone that they are back and not going anywhere. 

Minus the one new song, “Rotting In Vain”, this was essentially the same set of songs from their recent tours but seeming to have an energy of rejuvenation behind it. Like the combination of their new album The Serenity of Suffering and sounding as good today as they did in the 1990s recharged everyone’s batteries. The fact is Korn is back and as good as ever. 

And with the closing chords of “Freak On A Leash” came to close to the night and my summer concert season. This show was a rare triple threat of pure talent and a great way to end the summer. 

Justen Bieber