Brothers Syxx and Seven O’Brien combine their experience and passion for the art of inking with a one-of-kind mind twisting showmanship of deceptive performance. The result? An experience like no other.

When these two ancient arts and experiences are intertwined, as only Syxx and Seven O’Brien can, the path to the thrill of viewing is filled with amazement and awe.

Inkllusionist’s talent of creating much where once there was nothing expands your sense of wonder and magnifies your appreciation for the mysteries of life.

Syxx and Seven O’Brien have spent years mastering their crafts. It’s easy to say that there’s something you want to do in life. The O’Brien Brothers have committed themselves to not simply acting out their dreams. They’ve vowed to themselves to excel at them so that others will gain as much as possible from them.

Learn more about Inkllusionist along with Syxx and Seven O’Brien at their website here and at their Blog here.

Inklussionist - Something Wicked 2014 Stage Show

Check them out at their social media outlets too

Inkllusionist Tour

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