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Show Review: IRON MAIDEN Still Reigns In NYC

We’re at a crucial time in the world of rock and metal music as the bands many of us grew up idolizing begin to slow down or retire and newer bands struggle to book big venues because people would rather watch free YouTube videos of a concert than actually pay for a great live show. Yet with all that going on the one band who laughs at it all and has in the past and did once again sell out Madison Square Garden is Iron Maiden
  If you’re new to Iron Maiden (or stop listening to their music past 1989) you might’ve been disappointed by their current tour. But if you’re a regular to the madness that is Iron Maiden you know The Book Of Souls Tour would be just that. Loaded with newer songs and classics sprinkled in between. But before discussing the set list there’s something bigger to address. 
If you worried that Bruce Dickinson would be able to deliver vocally 

Photo by Dee Negron
  after his battle with throat cancer you can worry no more. Bruce came out strong from the first note of “If Eternity Should Fail” and never struggled once throughout their set. 
The Amazonian theme of the set was just as I had hoped for considering that’s the whole vibe that The Book of Souls has. Plus, as I stated earlier, this tour was to promote that very album so no surprise that Iron Maiden played 6 songs off the album. Though admittedly I was pleasantly surprised to hear “The Red And The Black” played live as its one of the two epics on the new album and Iron Maiden rarely goes for their epic songs in live shows. Though it sounded just as impressive live as it does on the album. Giving every member of the band their chance to shine. 
Of course we got the classics like “The Trooper”, “Powerslave”, and “Fear of the Dark”. After all even with a new album Iron Maiden knows there are classics that need to be heard every so often. My night was completely made when they played “Blood Brothers” in the encore from their 2000 album Brave New World, bringing me back to the first time I saw 

Photo by Dee Negron
  Eddie and the boys of Iron Maiden
There aren’t many bands in rock and metal nowadays with the guts to book Madison Square Garden as a tour stop and even fewer who can pack the house. Iron Maiden is one of them and who knows how many more years until they call it a day. But until they do don’t miss your chance to see Iron Maiden when they roll through your town. 

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