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Looney Tunes Are Back

I got up this morning and after an awesome night at Lamb of God and Metallica (thoughts coming soon), I was still amped and ready to watch some kind of sports. Unfortunately the Giants have a bye week and the Rangers were off. I began searching the digital cable guide and was beyond shocked to see a Looney Tunes marathon on the Cartoon Network.

After the Warner Brothers stores closed down Cartoon Network washed their hands of the Looney Tunes characters for original programming that had less stereotypes in them. Although Cartoon Network has had some great cartoons created for them over the years I found it odd how they were just able to toss them off like an old coat because a bunch of uptight soccer moms and minority groups complained about the stereotypes in Looney Tunes. And let’s not forget those who complained they were to violent. And the evening news is any better? Murder here, rape there. That kids are allowed to watch but heaven forbid they enjoy Bugs Bunny getting the better of Elmer Fudd by causing his rifle to backfire.

I had actually begun to worry about the Cartoon Newtork as they have begun airing cartoons and “reality” shows aimed at tweens. Add into that the airing of live action movies with no direct link to cartoons in anyway had me thinking that Cartoon Network was turning into the next MTV. The stations name wasn’t going to match what it airs.

The return of Looney Tunes will surely help their ratings because they are timeless. Just because Bugs Bunny ocassionally dresses in drag to outsmart people doesn’t mean your kid will do the same by watching it. Looney Tunes were and will always be funny to kids of all ages, so untie the hairs on your ass society and start realizing that kids should be allowed to watch things that are fun, too much educational programming will result in a mindless generation that won’t know what laughter is.

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