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Loot Crate April 2016 Quest Theme Review

The subscription boxes are beginning to roll in and the next up is this month’s Loot Crate which the theme is Quest. You can check out my initial thoughts with my unboxing video and now let’s get into my actual thoughts after time to check out each item to see if Loot Crate delivered on guarantee of $40 value for just $20 a month.

The first item up is always the shirt. As a fan of Labyrinth and David Bowie I absolutely love this shirt. It’s just a shame it’s after David Bowie‘s death that this shirt was done. With that said the design is very well done. If you’re as big a fan of Labyrinth as I am you’ll see every character can be found in this shirt. Plus the maze background around the top completely tells the story of this shirt and pays tribute to David Bowie as well. Approximate value $15

These Harry Potter socks were the next item in this month’s Loot Crate and fits the Quest theme perfectly as each part of Harry Potter was a quest for an item to continue the story. These socks have each item that Harry and his friends searched for. The items are spaced and and sized well for easy reference. A cool item and will be my third set of socks this month once my  Lvl Up subscription arrives this month. Approximate value $7

When I first opened my Loot Crate I assumed this was the Vikings item they teased for the month and after reading the spoiler book it turns out I was right. This horn is made of plastic and comes in its own fake leather carry case with a strap so you can wear it around your neck to use it as a cup on the go just like real Vikings of old. This is a unique item but it’s way to easy to accidentally spill your beverage of choice on yourself if you chose to use it as a cup. I also don’t see it holding a lot of your favorite beverage or holding up to multiple cleaning after each use. I’m not a fan of Vikings but dig the uniqueness of this item. Approximate value $20

This Loot Crate exclusive is an interesting twist on an item everybody who played a role playing game has used. A 20-sided die ice cube maker. This mold, when filled and frozen, will make one ice cubed the same size and shaped with numbers of a 20-sided die. We haven’t tried it out yet but we plan to because one big ice cube can definitely be better than several average ones. Approximate value $10

As far as quality goes this Uncharted 4 poster is just flat out cheap. Sure I don’t play the game but considering Loot Crate hyped up an Uncharted 4 item, a inspirational poster that looks like it’s leftover from a Game Stop promotion is not worth the paper it was printed on. Approximate value $5

The last item as always is the LootPin to match this month’s theme. I like the 20-sided die combined with the house shield from Harry Potter. These have been well designed each month and are a nice collectible. Approximate value $5

So did Loot Crate come through their Quest successfully? Well the overall approximate value of this month’s items is $62 with only one item being a complete waste of space and time. That’s a sign of a well completed quest.

Justen Bieber