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Loot Crate DX July 2016 Futuristic Theme

Continuing to catch up on my subscription box reviews it’s time to get a bit bigger. The only way to go bigger is of course the Loot Crate DX for July 2016 which is, like all things Loot Crate for July 2016, is themed Futuristic. So before we dig deeper here’s my unboxing of it. 

Ok, now let’s get detailed and see if this bigger (and more expensive) delivery meets up to its promise. 

This shirt was a nice surprise. I honestly have more t-shirts than I can wear and few that aren’t. So this Futurama polo shirt is definitely cool. I never know when I might need something in between t-shirt and business so this is great because it fits that category while still being relaxed. The color scheme is very summery although the Planet Express ship flying into my belly could’ve been avoided in design. Approximate value is $25. 

I didn’t see Pacific Rim but this exclusive figure from it is pretty badass. The detail on this is amazing for what is essentially a large action figure. This has some nice weight to it too. Approximate value is $20. 

I know nothing about Anime. That’s no joke. So this Gundam model just doesn’t do anything for me at all. While it’s a nice quality model it just is wasted on me. Approximate value is $25. 

This is just a water bottle from Robocop. There’s nothing more to say than that and what I said in my unboxing video cause it’s just a water bottle. Approximate value is $10. 

While I’m not a Star Trek fan this towel is still well designed and hey, who doesn’t need a towel. The design is well done and while it’s not a huge or heavy duty towel it’d still do nicely as a spare shower towel or a great beach towel. Approximate value is $15. 

I don’t know why Loot Crate continues with these lame prints. Buck Rogers has a following but not as huge as other franchises that fit this theme. Plus it’s not a special print of any kind. Approximate value is $5. 

I’m not a fan of Rick & Morty or the brainless cartoons like it on TV. I’ve tried but there isn’t even child humor in it let alone adult. With that said it’s a well designed pin and that much I can appreciate. Approximate value is $10. 

So the Futuristic Loot Crate DX for July 2016 had a few great quality items so the two flat out toss ins to meet value guarantee don’t hurt it that much. An approximate overall value is $110 and that’s not too shabby. 

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