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Loot Crate DX June 2016 Dystopia Theme Review

Well this isn’t my first Loot Crate DX but it’s the first I’m writing about because I literally forgot to last month. For those not familiar with Loot Crate DX here’s the basics, it’s a new service from Loot Crate for $50 a month with a guaranteed value of $100 in items. Now let’s be honest, that’s a hefty price to guarantee. And the June 2016 Dystopia theme was its second one ever and it was delayed two weeks due to an item getting hung up in customs. First here’s the unboxing for it. 

Now let’s dig into this month’s items one by one. 

The pin in the Loot Crate DX is always bigger and better than the regular subscription one. In this month’s case we got a replica of the badge from Blade Runner. Honestly I’m not very familiar with the movie but I definitely like the design here and while it’s not full badge size it is a hefty sized pin. Approximate value is $10. 

Continuing on with the Dystopia theme (and more of things I’m not familiar with) are these portable headphones from Fallout 4. These have to be the cheapest headphones I’ve ever seen. The wire to use them is seperate and therefore easy to lose AND means you could accident my unplug the headphones themselves and not just your device. I haven’t checked them for sound quality yet but that’s mainly because I have headphones that work and are great quality. Approximate value is $20. 

While I already made it clear I’m not totally familiar with Blade Runner I can admit a cool replica of a vehicle when I see it. This police car replica from the movie is very cool and well made. Definitive bonus points for even coming with its one display stand so this is obviously not a toy. Approximate value is $40. 

More from the “stuff I don’t know” category is this watch from Mirror’s Edge. Which let me tell you is not cheap. The design is very classy as a black on black etch with a decent strap as well. Sadly we live in a day where everyone uses their smartphone as a watch but if I wore a watch I’d definitely sport this bad boy without a doubt. Approximate value is $50. 

This book is definitely something different. It’s rare that you get an entire book of artwork from any franchise let alone on that includes directions on how to draw characters from Bioshock. While I greatly appreciate the artwork in this I’m going to give this to a friend who can utilize these drawings. Approximate value is $30. 

The one item with any tie to something I know of course is the cheapest and toss in item. Is Escape from New York a great movie? Yes. But this reprint 8×11 print of the original movie poster is just a disappointment. Detail is lost on the smaller scale and honestly I’d rather I’d been left out just due to cheapness factors. Approximate value is $5. 

So even though the Dystopia Loot Crate DX fell short on items I know it did deliver on value at approximately $175. Would’ve been nicer if it had more franchises I know but I at least have a few goodies to give friends. 

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