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Loot Crate July 2016 Futuristic Theme Review

Well time to get my nerd on again. Tough getting these written reviews scheduled in with my new work schedule, music stuff, and personal life but I’m doing my best rockers. The month of July 2016 took Loot Crate into the future with a Futuristic Theme. Is the future bright and beautiful or full and mediocre. Let’s get into it, but first here’s my unboxing video. 

Now with you viewing done (or not, your choice) let’s go a little deeper. 

This shirt has to be the worst shirt since the December 2016 Loot Crate. I honestly don’t care that it’s not connected to a franchise. But there’s nothing to it. Just a mashup of future looking items on a shirt. I wouldn’t buy a shirt like this in a store. Total let down and obvious lack of creativity. Heck why not create a self promoting design like a drone delivering a Loot Crate to an Android. That would’ve been creative and self promoting. But no we got this sloppy afterthought design. Approximate value is $10. 

I definitely dig this Futurama statue. It’s actually inspired me to watch reruns again and I’m reminded at how great a show it is. While I blanked briefly in my unboxing the truth is everyone of my age knows the Planet Express ship. Until I find a safe and visible spot to display this it’ll stay in its box but I definitely appreciate this item. Approximate value is $25. 
This was supposedly a mystery mini but I’m hearing everyone got the same Blaster version of MegaMan. I’m a fan of the game like many born in the early 80s so anything from it is great. Granted this is more Anime in design then I’d like and is more “cute” than it should be. He’ll go nicely with my Dorbz and other little figures in front on my TV. Approximate value is $5. 

I’m not at a Star Trek fan and can’t say I’ve ever been intrigued to watch any of them. So needless to say this mini dedication plaque replica is somewhat lost on me. I do think this exclusive is a cool item but it’s not metal nor is it all that big. Barely bigger than an index card. I’ll probably stick it on my wall if I don’t misplace before I do. Approximate value is $5. 

It’s been a while since we got a comic from Loot Crate and honestly I didn’t miss it because I barely have time to do what I need to do lately let alone read comics, which I do enjoy. The is a badass design for a variant cover but I’ll pass this to a future comic book fan. Approximate value is $15. 

Even though I’m not a Star Trek fan I totally dig the July 2016 LootPin. If you don’t know what this means then you maybe shouldn’t read these subscription box reviews. Approximate value is $5. 

So the Loot Crate for July 2016 gave a split result to their Futuristic theme. Some good, some bad but an approximate overall value of $65 is pretty decent. 

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