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Loot Crate June 2016 Dystopia Theme Review

Well the end of the month is nearing and it means subscription boxes are coming in. So that means review time and this if the Loot Crate June 2016 edition with the theme of Dystopia. So first check out my unboxing video for it. 

Now let’s do a break down of everything and see if it’s quality or just the promised $40 worth of items guarantee. 

The shirt is always first and I REALLY like this design. Robocop was the original badass android of my generation and I’ve always been a fan of it. I like that it’s the original Robocop and that the design takes up the majority f the shirt. That’s how you do a quality shirt. Colors are great and the grey background helps everything pop. Approximate value is $15. 

Just as I was convinced Loot Crate lost its deal with Funko they give us a Dorbz. Granted it’s not an exclusive but it’s still a Funko item. I’m not a Fallout player but I definitely dig this little guy. Seems like a real badass and is my first non-Marvel Dorbz. Approximate value is $7. 

I’m most definitely a fan of Matrix, and who isn’t, but I’m VERY disappointed in this item. Puzzles just aren’t as popular as they once were and since I don’t have kids (I’m single so yeah) this is legitimately a waste to me. Even if I had kids it might be a waste if I didn’t get them into Matrix. Unless you’re a die hard fan of Matrix this item fails. Approximate value is $5. 

Another item from a franchise I don’t know and truthfully a dud. I don’t play Bioshock and I’m iffy on making a copy of a key with this blank because it doesn’t seem that strong. Feels like it could break in a lock. Another total fail and probably the cheapest item I’ve ever gotten in a Loot Crate. Approximate value is $3. 

While this isn’t extravagant it’s still a very cool item. After Robocop my generation got Terminator. This T2 wall decor is cool because it’s metal and it’s 3D too. Since I don’t have a ton of wall room and smaller item like this works and it’s relatively easy to hang. Approximate value $10. 

Last of course is the Dystopia LootPin. It’s very simply a bomb. Nothing more to say other than it fits the theme. Approximate value is $5. 

So that’s the Dystopia Loot Crate and they barely made their $40 guaranteed value as I approximate this month’s items at $45 total value. Definitely not their best but most assuredly not their worst. The shirt, Dorbz, and T2 wall decor make this a good grab. Next month is Futuristic so we’ll see how bright the future may be in July. 

Justen Bieber