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Loot Crate March 2016 VS. Theme Review


Continuing to write and review more it’s time for my written review of this month’s delivery from Loot Crate. Loot Crate is a “geeky” subscription box service with monthly themes and guarantee a $40 value for $20 a month (before tax and shipping then it’s more like $28 a month). 
The theme for March 2016 is “Vs.” which makes sense as this month we got Superman vs Batman in theaters and other great battles over the years. Check out my Unboxing video here for my initial thoughts and read on for my overall thoughts. 

First up is a T Shirt, a now guaranteed monthly item after people blew hissy fits when Loot Crate tried other items to break up the monotony of constantly having a T Shirt. It’s very obvious that this is from Star Trek but sadly I don’t get the reference. I’m going to assume there was an episode of a “good” Spock vs a “evil” Spock but I honestly don’t know. Star Trek was always boring to me. While I know some references the truth is I’m more Star Wars then Star Trek. Approximate value = $15

This month we also got a second wearable item, which is rare since the introduction of their Level Up service (I get the socks version of Level Up). So needless the say this beanie was a nice surprise. Not only is it exclusive to Loot Crate and for Daredevil (which is one of my favorite comic book characters) but it’s also reversible. 

And when its reverse its for Punisher. This is definitely a unique item as not many items can be made reversible successfully. This is perfect timing for the introduction of Punisher in the Daredevil series on Netflix as well as a new battle between the two in comic books. My only problem is the logos aren’t that big and are only in one spot. The logos could’ve been made bigger or repeated around the brim. Especially since sometimes you put a hat like this on quickly and forget the logo placement resulting in the logo being on the side or back. Approximate value $20

Mystery mini anything seems to be a growing trend in vinyl figures so we got an exclusive Alien vs Predator mystery mini Titans figure. These aren’t even out in stores yet so it’s legit exclusive. 

I got Predator. Admittedly I haven’t watch any of the Predator or Alien movies in years but Predator was who I preferred. I’m not a huge fan of Titan figures because they’re trying to be realistic while still being toy like. But since there’s no face here this works. It’s well painted and they didn’t cheap out on details on the dreads. His staff was a surprise, I actually almost threw it out with the box. This little dude will have a place in my collection of Dorbz and other mini figures I’ve gotten. Approximate value $10

This month we got a Mighty Wallet which is the second Mighty Wallet I’ve gotten from Loot Crate. The first being The Simpsons on that came in the December 2014 Anniversary Theme Loot Crate. These are made of recycled paper and are almost indestructible by their makers claim. I’ve used The Simpsons one to hold my money stash for New York Comic Con with no complaint. So this Superman vs Batman one will probably see use by me or be a gift to a friend who needs a wallet. Actual value $15 (what they cost on the Mighty Wallet website)

We usually don’t get comic books from Loot Crate but this month we got this Loot Crate exclusive variant of Issue #1 of Harley Quinn. I haven’t read it yet and probably won’t. I’m honestly more a Marvel fan for comics than DC. This will go to my brother for his slowly growing Batman collection. I do like the cover design but don’t see (unless it’s in the story) how this fits in this month’s “Vs.” theme. Approximate value $10

This year Loot Crate phased out the old aluminum buttons for enamel pins for each months theme. This design is very cool and actually big. I haven’t figured out if mine is the “chase” version after hours on comparison to the picture in this month’s Loot Crate Magazine. Approximate value $10

Overall I’d say they nailed the “Vs.” theme this month. Only on questionable themed item and the hat is the only item that I feel the design was lacking. The approximate overall value I give this month’s Loot Crate is $80 which is double their guaranteed value of items for the month. That’s a win in my books. 

Justen Bieber