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Loot Crate May 2016 Power Theme Review

In keeping with my catching up of reviews let’s get into detail on the May 2016 Loot Crate for which the theme of course was Power. So before we get detailed here’s my unboxing video. 

So now let’s get down and detailed especially since I now know for fact the shirts design. 

So after doing to video in confirmed with the spoiler book that this is in fact for WarCraft. But again you wouldn’t know this by looking at it unless you are a die hard player. Which I am not. Any design where you can’t tell what it is by looking at it or even a guess isn’t something you’d risk is a fail. Approximate value is $15. 

Next item up is this very cool Infinity Guantlet oven mitt from Marvel. This is definitely a unique item I’ve never seen before and I’ve attended New York Comic Con the last 3 years and seen a ton of unique items. Ironically since my unboxing Loot Crate has sent out an email saying it’s not heat resistant enough to actually use as an oven mitt and has issued a voluntary recall but hasn’t said yet where to send it or how or what you’ll be given in exchange. Now this item can still be used as a part of a Thanos cosplay it’s recommended you don’t use it as an oven mitt. Which actually shows you that Loot Crate in fact does not fully try or check out the items they send out. Approximate value is $15. 

I’m not really a big fan of these QFig statues, even though I kept the Deadpool one from the Dead themed Loot Crate. If I want a figure of The Hulk I want it to be badass not cute and that’s what these QFig‘s come off as…cute. I’m guessing by the lack on Funko Pops in recent Loot Crates, with the Star Wars Loot Crate as the exception, means Loot Crate lost their deal now that Funko does several of their own subscription services. Approximate value is $15. 

This item is just a joke. A plush Dragonball Z keychain. And it’s cheap. The clasp is plastic and it seems more like an item you’d buy at a flea market. I took the clasp off and gave it to my dogs as a toy and they aren’t even interested in it. Approximate value is $5. 

Lastly is this month’s Lootpins which is a cool design but actually looks more like a robot than power. Yes you need power for a robot but these seems more like a pin that would’ve fit last years Cyber theme. Approximate value is $5. 

So was the May 2016 Power themed Loot Crate powerful? Well the Infinity Guantlet oven mitt was cool and if I was a WarCraft fan I’d question the shirt. This month’s Loot Crate measured up on their value guarantee of at least $40, this one at approximately $55, so I’d say it had Power but wasn’t chock full of it. Hopefully the June 2016 Loot Crate themed Dystopia delivers the goods and doesn’t bomb. 

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