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Loot Pets March 2016 VS. Theme Review

  Yes I’m behind on my reviews but things have been busy. But better late than never for my review of Loot Crate‘s expansion subscription called Loot Pets. Obviously it’s for our furry friends. Loot Pets is $19.99 a month (plus $5 shipping) with a guaranteed overall value of $50 or more. So having two chihuahuas I of course have been trying this service out. And the theme matches the regular Loot Crate theme so the March 2016 theme is VS. (see my Unboxing video here)

Like every month so far with Loot Pets the shirt matches the shirt we received from Loot Crate so to save me time writing and you reading time just read my thoughts on the shirt in my Loot Crate review for March 2016. The only thing I’ll add is I’m tired of matching shirts for our pets. It’s cute once, but EVERY month is now dumb and shows how the gang at Loot Crate are getting lazy in the creative areas and cheap as well because we know only one design to print saves them cost resulting in more profit. Approximate value $15

My furry buddies got this Batman toy which definitely fits this month’s theme since Superman vs Batman is in theaters. The iron suit design is pretty cool and so far my Theo hasn’t destroyed it yet (plush dog toys don’t usually last long with him) and Harley is too much of a princess to battle with this bat even though she might win. Only downside here is the cape is the weakest part and could be the first destroyed by your pet and might be an issue if your pet has a sensitive stomach. Approximate value $15


These Civil War: Captain America themed items are pretty cool. They are plastic, portable bowls for our pets. The packaging says they’re one use but based on the material and ziploc like closing allows this to be reusable IF you don’t use wet food. Water and dry food will allow you to reuse them so getting a pack of 3 is pretty decent. Approximate value $10

 Loot Crate is smart to include treats in Loot Pets and even smarter to have them made here in the states as exclusive and natural. These are a turkey and duck mix item. I’ve actually broken them in half and given our dogs half. They enjoy them but didn’t really go crazy for them. Approximate value $8

  As you can see in this photo my Theo was very intrigued by these before we even opened them. Once opened both Theo and Harley love these fruity protein puffs. Theo actually sniffs at where I stash them. Though I’m not digging the “two treats” thing because they get one a day or every other day depending on their day so I’m building a treat stash. Approximate value $8
Last is the dog tag for the month which is an exact match to the Loot Pin for this month’s Loot Crate. My dogs don’t wear tags nor would I change them monthly. And matching the Loot Pin is the same laziness and cheapness I mention above about the pets shirt. Approximate value $5

As far as the VS. theme for March 2016 it’s safe to safe Loot Pets was victorious. But my overall approximate value is $56, which is the guaranteed value but just barely. The double treats add up to the value means there aren’t as many pet themed items from entertainment as Loot Crate has hoped. We shall see if April’s Loot Pets keep us or sees me dropping it like a boner after the fifth installment. 

Justen Bieber