LootPets May 2016 Power Theme Review

Yes I know we are into June already but I’ve been busy so I’m trying to catch up on reviews of all kinds so let’s start the catch up with LootPets from Loot Crate. The month of May brought us the theme of Power. Before my deeper thoughts check out my unboxing of the Power themed LootPets

Now let’s get into the details a bit further shall we. Let’s start with the shirts as always. 

Here’s this month’s shirt design featuring MegaMan and his dog Rush. The shirt is a VERY simple design. I do like that it’s a grey shirt because I have a ton of black shirts. But the design seems like they did a Google search of these characters and chose the first one they found. But my guy Theo was in a rush (pun intended) to wear his which you can see here. 

Doesn’t he look like a rockstar in the shirt. He wanted it on right away and he’s usually not a fan of the clothes. This was the first time I ordered the small instead of medium shirt for him and it definitely fit better. The measurements they provide on the LootPets site say he should wear the medium but he fit much better into the small and was more comfortable. Approximate combined value is $30

The next item up is this toy from Kong, which makes heavy duty toys that are supposed to stand up to the most abusive dogs. They obviously never met my Theo cause I had other Kong toys for him that he wrecked. Plus I actually still have this exact toy that I bought for Theo when he and his sister Harley became part of our family. Theo did want this immediately, cause it squeaks, so it was tough to get a picture. The only thing is what and how does this tie into the Power theme? Seems like they just found a toy they thought would fit and tossed it in. Approximate value is $10. 

These chicken charger treats are like gold here because both Theo and Harley LOVE chicken. They had to have one right away and I’ve actually been hiding these as special treats since they love chicken so much. Approximate value is $10. 

Lastly the dog tag. I’m still not sold on the monthly dog tag because, again, I don’t change tags on my dogs monthly nor do I know anyone who does. I do want to credit Loot Crate for giving a different design from the core crate pin. A unique design to the LootPets dog tag is a plus over just taking the pin off the back of the Loot Crate pin and make a dog tag. Approximate value is $5. 

So in the end there truly wasn’t much power to be had in the Power LootPets from Loot Crate. Sure it was an approximate value of $55 but the only item truly fitting the theme was the shirt. We shall she how things do for the June LootPets which is themed Dystopia

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