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Marvel Collector Corps June 2016 – Woman of Power Review

Ok so I’m a bit behind but a holiday where I’m caught up on mostly everything is a good day to catch up. So let’s dig into Marvel Collector Corp for June 2016 which is themed Woman Of Power. I knew this theme would come as all comic universes are expanding to include more equality, though I’d rather see more originals than “alternate universe” versions but that’s a discussion for another time. Check out my unboxing video before we dig into this a bit more. 

Now that my initial thoughts are shown let’s dig into things a bit. 

I must admit while others get bored with the monthly pin and patch I enjoy them because they’re unique items. Yes there’s only so much room on a vest but I guess I might have to turn a pair of jeans into a patch pair. Captain Marvel is the patch and Spider Gwen is the pin. I’m not familiar with either and Spider Gwen fits the “alternate universe” theme I’m not a fan of I still dig these. The patch has amazing detail and will definitely stand out whatever I put it on. Approximate combined value is $10. 

This shirt explains itself. It’s Spider Gwen which I’ve already explained why I’m not really a fan of it and not really interested in reading it. And honestly this is one of Marvel‘s weakest designs for the Collector Corps shirts. Approximate value is $15. 

These are supposed to be “mystery minis” hence the question mark on the corner of the box but there’s nothing mysterious when you put what’s inside on the box as clear as ice crystal made by Iceman. I’m not a fan of mystery minis of any kind because there’s not enough room for detail. Both Captain Marvel and She Hulk here a proof that that. Maybe in the future Marvel will keep the mystery element of these IF there are any versions included in the future boxes. Approximate combined value is $10. 

Honestly I know nothing about Squirrel Girl outside of her ability to communicate with squirrels and her role as a random extra in the Lego Marvel video games. I’ve deduced she’s a bit dorky and weird so the recent casting of Anna Kendrick as Squrrel Girl makes sense. Normally I’d pass this one to a young comic fan as I’m doing with most of this box but I’m keeping it for the fact that I’m a growing Funko Pop collector (mostly box exclusives) but also because it comes with a squirrel. I’ve always liked squirrels even though they almost wrecked my vans engine a few years ago. Something about their combination of mischief and cuteness makes them a critter I like. Maybe one day an “alternate universe” will give us Squirrel Boy, after all fair is fair. Approximate value is $15. 

As always there’s a comic book and this month is a variant exclusive cover of Issue #1 of Civil War II. I haven’t read Civil War so I’m not going to rush to read this, actually going to pass this to a young comic fan in the making. I’m all for exclusive covers but despise ones that have zero to do with the story. I’m sure the Women Of Marvel play a role but they aren’t the focus of the story. Approximate value is $7. 

Well, there you go. The Marvel Collector Corps Women Of Power for June 2016. I’m all for the equality movement but just too much focus on the “alternate universe” women of Marvel and not enough on the existing ones like Elecktra, Storm, Rogue, Jean Grey, and others that existed long before the feminist movement and ethnicity movement happening. 

Justen Bieber