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Album Review: MEGADETH Comes Back Strong With Dystopia

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It was right around Thanksgiving 2014 I remember thinking that Megadeth was a little too quiet after all the touring they did earlier that year. The quiet was quickly turned into an essential implosion as both Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover announced they were leaving over “creative differences”. So obviously this meant a new version of Megadeth would come. So when in 2015 Dave Mustaine announced Kiko Loureiro was his new guitarist and Lamb Of God’s monster drummer Chris Adler had joined on, it was safe to say people’s interest were peaked.

iTunes / Amazon
iTunes / Amazon

Dystopia, Megadeth‘s 15th studio album, feels like a reboot. It’s got riffs galore and hints here and there of old Megadeth. But what I really seems to do is highlight Kiko Loureiro on practically every track. Granted he’s relatively unknown here in the states but he’s just everywhere on this album.

The albums title track is just super guitar laden enjoyment. While it does sound like a video game’s boss level music it really highlights what Loureiro can do. Speed and melodies in one guy. Something not too often found in many of today’s guitarists. You either get one or the other. And if you still question that just check out the instrumental track “Conquer Or Die”, a true display of his overall abilities. It’s even a nice rarity by today’s album standards as most instrumental tracks are usual just 30 second to a minute interlude fillers on albums.

To those worrying that Chris Adler might be too monstrous of a drummer for Megadeth you can worry no more. You can tell its him by the power and occasional speed burst in “Bullet To The Brain” but it’s not over done. He fits right in as if you were fitting him into a peg. There’s enough of his abilities in it to know its him without feeling like they tried to force a Lamb Of God and Megadeth mashup together.

I also find myself returning to “Poisonous Shadows”. The mix of acoustic and electric opening is extremely powerful. It has a big epic feel to it. I’m actually hoping this song finds its way into the upcoming tour because to me it screams for a live performance with video screens and over the top lighting cues.

Will we miss Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover? Surely. But Megadeth has definitely rebounded from Super Collider and Dystopia is a strong introduction to the new members and should definitely revitalize the Megadeth fan base.

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