Turbo Rules – In Memoriam

John “Turbo” Shatesky

01/25/1980 – 07/28/2023

Metallica Attempts To Clean Up After Jumping The Shark

So after sitting all day yesterday to gather my thoughts on the legal actions that Metallica took on Canadian tribute band Sandman I posted those thoughts late last night. Within about 30 minutes of me posting my thoughts Metallica shared an article posted by Rolling Stone that was to explain the whole situation.
Upon reading said article I first laughed myself silly because Metallica claims exactly what I wrote last night. They claim that an overly ambitious member of their legal term filed the cease and desist order on their behalf. Then they go on to say that they had no clue that it was even done and has since retracted the legal action.
Now after laughing like hell on how I nailed it on the legal beagle looking for a gold star I found myself puzzled as to how Metallica had no clue this happened. While I am aware and have been reminded by friends that have legal educations that “ambulance chasers” exist and that it is possible that they didn’t know. But this is Metallica here. One of if not the biggest metal band in the world. I can’t imagine they don’t have something in play that no legal action of any kind is to be taken without the band know because of the PR storm it can create. Which this particular story did.
I do not believe that Metallica didn’t know. It sounds great from a PR damage control point of view but I’m not convinced. But that can be debated by everyone over the next few weeks. What we can definitely all agree on is that it gave Sandman some free PR and out their names on the map and gave them an official place Metallica history.

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