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MONTFAUCON Reveal Playthrough Video for “Prisoner”

MONTFAUCON – the medieval era-inspired doom/death metal concept project from Uzbekistani duo Valentin Mayamsin and Michel Cadenzar – recently released their six-track album, Renaissance. Metal-Temple.com calls the album, “dramatic and theatrical, but honest and earnest”, stating that Mayamsin and Cadenzar are, “masterful musicians”. TheCelebrityCafe.com says, “Their wide-ranging influences and stylistic choices make for an engaging listen”. Renaissance can be ordered now via Bandcamp.
In the wake of their album release, MONTFAUCON have revealed a brand new guitar and keyboard playthrough video for the track “Prisoner”, featured exclusively now via Guitar Player. Take a look here.
One of the more interesting aspects of MONTFAUCON is that the two members live thousands of miles apart –Mayamsin resides in the San Francisco Bay Area, while Cadenzar continues to reside in their native Uzbekistan. As it states in the article on GuitarPlayer.com, Mayamsin filmed his playthrough video footage at the Emeryville, CA Guitar Center, while Cadenzar shot his video in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Overcoming the struggle of recording at such a distance and producing a top-notch sound from a home studio are two hurdles that MONTFAUCON experienced throughout the Renaissance sessions. When it was time for Mayamsin to start putting Renaissance together back in his home studio in San Francisco, he struggled at first to find the right gear and learn how to use it. Since he didn’t have much experience with home recording, he experienced several setbacks. To make sure the songs sounded as good on the digital files as they did when he played them in his living room, Mayamsin hired The Faceless guitarist Michael Keene to help him assemble a rig that would yield a high quality recording.
Mayamsin says, “‘Prisoner’ was composed in 2002 and finally recorded for the album in 2016. Honestly, what you see here is a good representation of the fashion in which we recorded this album. Recorded in U.S. and Uzbekistan, mixed in Sweden and available worldwide. For this video and on the recording, I used a Schecter Demon 6 with Seymour Duncan Nazgul & Sentient pickups. Michel used a Casio CPR200 keyboard.”
MONTFAUCON resonates with historic tales of violence and upheaval, exploring the implications and consequences of emotional turmoil, aggression and fear. Renaissance – which features mixing and mastering from death metal veteran Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath, Katatonia) – is a majestic, eclectic and musically diverse portrait of darkness, desperation and barbarism that presents a new perspective on the ever-shifting landscape of extreme metal.
MONTFAUCON achieves a sound that’s at once brutal and beautiful, alternately direct and dizzying. Renaissance draws from black metal, progressive doom and symphonic metal influences, accented by Michel’s complex, haunting piano melodies. From one song to the next, there are hints of well-known acts such as Satyricon, Darkthone, Cradle of Filth, Death, Opeth and Pink Floyd, as well as traces of more obscure artists, including Lux Occulta, Dominion and My Dying Bride.
It’s incredible that Valentin and Michel have crafted such diverse, high-impact and intensely melodic songs from opposite parts of the world. What’s even more impressive is that as forward-thinking as the songs on Renaissance are, the skeletons were written years ago, and early versions of some of the tracks were played on metal radio in Uzbekistan, and were well received by the region’s loyal underground scene.
For metal fans who are excited to hear more, MONTFAUCON are already working on five or six new death/prog songs that will leave listeners speechless.
Renaissance track listing:
1. Prisoner
2. I Was A Warrior
3. Alone
4. Mastermind
5. Insanity
6. The Last Night


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