Mother Will Rock You With ‘A New Life’

1780135_673183242745068_225486298_oToo many people are brushing off local bands as just wishful thinking as the music industry gets more competitive due to technology. But as long as those bands believe in what they do and love doing it not only do they survive but you hear in their music that they are more than just a local band. One such band is New York’s own Mother, a pure rock band that shows their full potential on their latest EP A New Life.

It might be a short 5 song EP but the one thing it isn’t is simple. The opening track Dying Day eases you into an EP that truly goes by too quickly with a slow build before the pure rock hits. Mike Gowen and Nick Fargo power into the album with riffs that you swear you’ve heard before except this is the first time you’re hearing it (unless you’ve heard it live locally). That familiarity from it is a definite sound of pure rock that’s meant to last the test of time and critics. Nick also does vocals for the band and his vocals are just as powerful as some of the big names. As I write this I think of the voice of rock Glen Hughes as a reference to what Nick does.

The other stand out track from A New Life is Driving Myself Insane. A heavy bluesy track that gives their bass player Johnny and drummer Marshall Casteneda a chance to shine as they set the rhythm. A track that you just find yourself grooving along to one the first listen.

If you’re looking for something new but still has that pure rock sound the Mother has you covered with A New Life.

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