My Return to Radio

As many of you know my brother Jay Scorpion, host of The Scorpion’s Lair became very sick at the beginning of the summer. At that time we all had figured it wasn’t going to be long but unfortunately things progressed for the worse and The Scorpion’s Lair took a hiatus for the summer.

Well Jay Scorpion is home and is on the road to recovery but is unable to host. So with his permission and an OK from Brooklyn College Radio that yours truly, Turbo, will be filling in as host of The Scorpion’s Lair alongside the rest of the TSL Crew until Jay Scorpion is healthy enough to return.

So starting this Sunday, September 13th from 1-4PM EST you better listen to The Scorpion’s Lair online at as the TSL Crew and I continue to bring rock and metal music to the masses.

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