My Return to the Airwaves

As most of you know I earned my rookie status as a DJ when I filled in for my brother Jay Scorpion on his show The Scorpion’s Lair. And I enjoyed it, but with The Scorpion’s Lair on hiatus I have an itch that needed scratching. Luckily that itch is getting scratched.

My friend The Sisco Kid, the best karaoke guy in NY, is starting up an internet radio station and yours truly will be a DJ. THOR web radio will be making it’s official debut in January and will be broadcasting test runs all month starting next week.

And the crazy rolling rebel that I am will bring you to THE ASYLUM. Playing everything rock and metal and I mean EVERYTHING. From The Doors to Dimmu Borgir, Black Sabbath to Slayer, The Beatles to Beatallica and from indie bands as well. Keep your eyes open to all my sites for when I have a time slot worked out.

So get ready cause once your in THE ASYLUM there’s no getting out.

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