Nothing More Should Not Be Missed


Nowadays there are a ton of ways bands can get noticed. Whether it’s social media, satellite radio, Internet radio, word of mouth or regular radio the possibilities are there. And there’s still the good old way of being seen on the stage as an opening band on a big headliners tour (still my preferred way of discovery). And had Five Finger Death Punch realized that the NYC area has three arenas they could’ve used (Madison Square Garden, Barclays Center, and Nassau Coliseum) I would’ve seen them, Hellyeah, and Nothing More live resulting in me hearing about Nothing More in 2014 and not now. But better late than never as they are beginning to make waves with their self titled album.

Too my surprise, and possibly yours, the 2014 self titled album from Nothing More is not their first as this Texas quartet has been making music since 2003. And while I’ll need time to locate their past albums I can say that their self titled album has my attention in full. They’ve managed to mix the heaviness that we’ve all come to look for in music and add just enough technology to be part of the next generation of rockers.

Jonny Hawkins vocals will surely get stuck in your head. He has a haunting yet welcoming style that makes you want to instantly sing along with him on the choruses even if it’s your first listen to the album. The other member that stands out to me is Paul O’Brien on drums, which is unusual cause usually it’s the guitar players who jump out at me. But all throughput “Christ Copyright” the drums are the focal point alongside the vocals. Just amazing intensity coming from the rhythm section which is in a way refreshingly different as everyone always focuses on guitar players.

And while I don’t usually like to highlight the singles because the record labels make sure that’s done I can’t help but mention “Mr. MTV”. Here’s a band who only knows MTV as the ratings monster it is today as opposed to my generation who remembers when it played music videos saying in a song that it’s created a mindless generation that only knows what they want because the TV tells them. It’s a huge statement from a young band. It’s no wonder this song is resonating with listeners of all ages and generations.

Nothing More‘s self titled album is one of the strongest label debut albums I’ve heard in a long time. Make sure you see them on tour now with Periphery so you can say you heard them before they blew up.

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