On Cruise Control For A Bit

As you may or may not know by now, I was hospitalized last week for a few days for exhaustion and dehydration. I overdid things and forgot to make time to relax and eat during my work on the NY segment of the MDA Telethon. I have been home since Friday and am regaining my strength slowly.

Because I am committed to several things in the upcoming weeks I am putting THE ASYLUM on a break so that I can rest and still make those commitments which include The Official Launch Party for Bullspike Radio on September 23rd at The Trash Bar in Brooklyn and Rock Against Dystrophy at Cha Cha’s in Coney Island on October 2nd.

I have an episode of THE ASYLUM in the vault. I am hoping to be back on air in full or partial within the next few weeks. Once I know I will post details and keep listening to as it’s not stopping cause I gotta hit cruise control. Jay Scorpion and the gang are still going strong and I’m still there behind the scenes.

Thanks for the well wishes last week and I’ll see you on September 23rd at The Trash Bar and Rock Against Dystrophy in Coney Island on October 2nd.

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